The Milk Café comes with several special features.

  • ‘Cold Stir’ – The ‘Cold Stir’ setting allows you to stir already cold or hot milk without any additional heat. This is allows the frothing of milk for beverages such as iced cappuccinos, blending in flavors for iced chocolate or mocha; or to stir in dissolvable instant drinking powders into milk or water.
  • Variable Temperature Settings – the Milk Café™ allows the choice of the temperature milk is heated to. The optimal range is between 130°F and 150°F. 140°F makes wonderful hot beverages but if a particular about the temperature of the froth or milk is desired for, say, a latté or cappuccino, that temperature can be chose and the milk heated to personal preference.
  • Overheating Protection/Boil Dry Protection – The Milk Café™ will automatically cease operation if the milk jug overheats. This can be caused if the milk jug is empty, if the liquid is below the MIN measurement marking, or after consecutive uses. Unplug the power cord and wait approximately 5 minutes for the frother to cool down or fill milk jug with water for faster cooling. Once adequately cooled, the machine will be able to be reactivated and frothing can proceed again.