The Breville Milk Café™ BMF600XL — the milk frother that uses induction heating and spinning to make those small bubbles for the best creamy milk and hot chocolate.


A. Measuring Cup - for measuring and adding ingredients once mixing has started.B. Jug Lid - with Breville Assist™ Ring-Pull removal.
C. Dishwasher Safe Milk Jug - stainless steel jug with inner measurement markings and pouring spout.D. Power Base - induction heating technology provides gentle, even heat distribution.
E. START/STOP Push-Dial - press the center of the dial to start or stop operation. Turn the dial to adjust the temperature. 'COLD STIR' setting stirs without heating.F. LED Indicator - button surround illuminates when power is on; flashes when frothing cycle is activated; or will cease to illuminate when in standby mode.
G. Cord Wrap.H. 'On Board' Disc Storage.
I. 'Cappuccino' Frothing Disc - for thigh and creamy froth.J. 'Latte' Frothing Disc - for smooth and silky milk.

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