Set up of the Gourmet Single Cup Brewer is quick and easy.

  • Slide the water tank lid up to open and remove the accessories stored inside for shipping.
  • Fill the water tank to the ‘MAX’ line with fresh, clean, filtered water.
  • If K-Cups® are to be used, place the K-Cup® in the brew head but do not close the head.
  • If the My K-Cup filter is to be used with a preferred roasted coffee, follow the instructions to fill the filter, close the My K-Cup® lid and insert the My K-Cup® filter into the brew head.
  • Press and release the power button on the bottom back corner of the right side of the machine.
  • The LCD display will read ‘HEATING’ until the water is brought to the optimal temperature.
  • Close the brew head by lowering the arm.
  • Once the brewer is done heating, the ‘READY TO BREW’ message will appear on the LCD screen.