Setting up your Juice Fountain® Duo is quick and easy.

  • First, Place the Filter Bowl Surround on top of the Motor Base
  • Place your processing item into the Filter Bowl Surround. If you are using the Nutri Disc™, align the arrows on the disc with the arrows on the Motor Drive Coupling and push down until it clicks into place. If you are using the Purée Disc, press the disc down in the center until it clicks into place. Once the Purée Disc is in place , place the Purée Insert into the Filter Bowl Surround, over the Purée Disc, making sure that the warning label on the handle is facing upwards.
  • Place the Juicer Cover Over the Filter Bowl Surround, lowering it firmly into place.
  • Raise the Safety Locking Arm up and lock it into the two grooves on either side of the Juicer Cover.
  • Slide the Food Pusher down the feed chute by aligning the groove in the food pusher with the small protrusion on the inside of the top of the feed chute.
  • If juicing, place the Pulp Container into position. If you are using the Purée Disc, please note that with the softness of the fruit, there will be nothing that should expel into the Pulp Container, it will all be processed.
  • Place the Juice Jug under the spout on the right hand side of the juicer