The Juice Fountain® Duo comes with some special features.

  • Purée Disc and Insert – Your Juice Fountain® Duo comes with a Purée Disc and Purée Insert that allows you to process softer fruit and vegetables. The softer the produce, the more difficult it is for the standard Nutri Disc™ to process. It relies on the friction of the more stiffly structured food pressing against the blades in order to process them. The Purée Disc allows softer fruits and vegetables to be juiced, ones that would normally not stand up to the required friction of the Nutri Discs™.
  • Self-Reset Overheating Protection – the Juice Fountain® Duo is fitted with a self-resetting safety device which safeguards against overheating on the motor with excessive loads. If overheating occurs, the juicer will automatically activate the overheating protection and the motor will turn itself off while the light surrounding the Start/Stop button will flash red. Simply unplug the juicer for 15 minutes to allow it to cool down, plug the juicer back in, and resume juicing.
  • Electronic Protection – The juicer will automatically stop operating if the motor stalls. This is a safety feature and can mean one of two things: either too much food is being processed at one time, or the pieces are not small enough. Try trimming the food, cutting it into smaller even pieces and/or processing a smaller amount per batch. If the motor does stall and the electronic protection is engaged, you will see the light surrounding the Start/Stop button flashing red. To continue juicing, turn the power OFF at the control panel, clear the feed chute, then turn the juicer back on.
  • Overload Protection Button – The juicer has another safety feature, the Overload Protection. If you are putting a large amount of produce through the juicer, if the load is too large or too heavy, the overload protection will engage. This prevents the food from over stressing the motor. If this occurs, the juicer will turn off, but, unlike the Overheating Protection, the light surrounding the Start/Stop button will not be flashing. If the Overload Protection engages, unplug the juicer and allow the unit to cool down, removing the food from the chute as well, cutting it into smaller, more even pieces. After about 15 minutes, press the Overload Protection Button found on the bottom of the Motor Base, plug the unit in again, and commence juicing.