Stalling motor

If the Juice Fountain® Multi-Speed is running but the motor sounds stressed and is slowing down, there are a few causes for this with easy solutions.

  • Wet pulp can build up under the juicer cover if the juicing is a bit too vigorous, meaning the food is being processed too quickly. Turn off the juicer and take the top cover off. Clean out the filter bowl surround, the Nutri Disc™, and the top cover then replace the parts and commence juicing again. This time, push the food pusher down slower and process in slightly smaller batches.
  • Harder foods will put excess strain on the motor if processed at a low speed. Refer to the juicing guide to determine the correct speed for the fruits and vegetables that are being juiced.
  • If food become stuck, the pulp becomes to excessive, or the motor strain is too much, and this lasts more then 10 seconds, the machine will automatically stop operating due to prevent damage to the motor. Turn the juicer off with the On/OFF switch, remove the food from the feed chute, cut it into smaller, even pieces, process in smaller amounts per batch, clean out the pulp from the top cover, filter bowl surround, and Nutri Disc™, reassemble and turn the juicer on again and resume processing. Pressing the On/Off switch will reset the juicer and cleaning the pulp, processing in smaller batches, using smaller and more even foods will prevent it from occurring again.
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