The Juice Fountain™ Cold comes with some special features.

  • 70 fl. oz. Juice Jug – The juice jug is a 70 fl. oz jug and storage container. Remove the lid once juicing is done and turn it 180°, press the lid back down firmly and the jug can store your fresh juice for up to 3 days.
  • 2-speed Control – High and Low speeds allow for more customized juicing depending on the type of foods being juiced.
  • Overload Protection – There is an internal, self-resetting overload protection that prevents the motor from damage when a load is too heavy or the juicer is run continuously for too long a time. By shutting off the juicer and unplugging the juicer for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing you time to lessen what’s being juiced, setting it up to be done in smaller, shorter batches, before resuming juicing.
  • Cold Spin Technology – This allows juice to be filtered through a micro-mesh filter to ensure insignificant temperature transfer.
  • Elevated Juicing System – Unique elevated nozzle and super-size 70 oz juice jug allow greater quantity of juice in the jug at one time.