Use of your Juice & Blend™

  • As a safety precaution, neither the Juice Extractor or Blender will operate if the Safety Locking Arm is not locked securely into position.
  • The button surround will illuminate for 2 minutes before entering a stand-by mode. To re-activate the Juice Extractor or Blender out of the stand-by mode, press or turn the START/OFF button.
  • The SMOOTHIE, ICE and PULSE settings can only be selected when the appliance is assembled as a blender.

As a Juice Extractor

  • If small amounts are to be juiced, a glass can be substituted for the Juice Jug.
  • Do not allow the Pulp Container to over-fill as this may affect the operation of the Juice Extractor. You can empty the Pulp Container while juicing by turning the Juice Extractor off and then carefully removing the Pulp Container. Once emptied, replace the Pulp Container into position and continue to juice.

As a Blender

  • If speed 1-5 is selected, the Blender will automatically stop blending after 60 seconds. This is a safety feature and prevents over-processing. If necessary, restart the Blender by pushing the START/OFF button.
  • If the Blade Assembly is difficult to remove by hand, insert the provided Blade Removal Tool into the Blade Assembly base and turn counterclockwise.
  • When using several ingredients, place liquid ingredients into the Blender Jug before solid ingredients unless specified in the recipe.
  • Do not fill the Blender Jug above the ‘MAX’ line. When filled at or near the ‘MAX’ line, ensure to place one hand on the Lid to avoid displacement of the lid during operation.