The Breville Juice & Blend™ — Blended drinks with 100% fresh juice — all on the one interchangeable base. Harder fruits and vegetables are best juiced. Softer fruits and vegetables are best blended. With the Juice & Blend™ you can make icy cold cocktails and smoothies using 100% fresh fruit juice.

Know Your Machine

A. Food PusherB. Juicer Cover with Feed Chute
C. Pulp ContainerD. Juicing Speed Guide`
E. Filter BasketF. Filter Bowl Surround
G. Motor Drive CouplingH. Motor Base
I. Safety Locking ArmJ. START/OFF button and speed control dial
K. OVERLOAD RESET button (underside of the Motor Base)L. Juicing Jug Lid
M. 40oz. (1.2L) Juicing JugN. Nylon Cleaning Brush