A speed indicator is conveniently printed on the motor body with the suggested mixing tasks for each speed setting. Use this in combination with the tables below:

Using the Beaters

Speed SettingMixing TaskFor
1-5Light MixingDressings, sauces, adding ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit etc.
6-10BeatingCustards, icings, packet mixes, light batters
11-16CreamingCreaming Butter and sugar, cream cheese, heavy batters

Using the Dough Hooks

Speed SettingsMixing TaskFor
4-5MixingBiscuit dough
6-8 (MAX)KneadingBread dough

CAUTION: Do not exceed speed 8 when using the dough hook attachments.

Using the Whisk

Speed SettingsMixing TaskFor
1-7WhiskingDressings, sauces, puddings
8-12Creaming Creaming Butter and sugar, egg yolks
13-16WhippingBeating cream, egg whites/meringues, marshmallow

Turbo Boost Function

Pressing the ‘TURBO’ button while mixing provides an extra burst of power (overriding the speed setting being used). Press the ‘TURBO’ button and hold it down for no more than 30 seconds to avoid overheating.

After the ‘TURBO’ button has been used, always turn the hand mixer off and allow it to cool for a few minutes before using again.

Timer Function

Many recipes will tell you to mix, beat or whisk ingredients together for a certain amount of time. Your hand mixer has a timer function which allows you to see how long you have been mixing.

Once you begin operating the hand mixer, the timer will automatically start counting. Once the hand mixer is switched off, the timer will automatically return to 00:00.