The Breville® Panini Grill™ comes with some special features.

  • Adjustable Height control – The Adjustable height control allows the top plate to be fixed to a number of different positions above the bottom plate. This allows the grill to be used to gently grill delicate items like fish and hamburger buns without squashing them. This feature also allows the plates to be opened wider for thicker sandwiches and cuts of meat.
  • Angle Adjust Non-Slip Feet – The angle adjust feet allow the grill plates to be used flat so that items like sausages and hot dogs don’t roll off. This feature also allows the bottom plate to be angled for maximum fat and grease drainage.
  • Variable Temperature Control dial – The variable temperature control dial allows for a large variety of temperatures to be selected, making sure that there is just the right setting for the dish being grilled. From Seal to Panini and beyond, this feature allows the maximum versatility for grilling to be at your finger tips.