The Breville Sous Chef® Food Processor -An extra wide feed chute lets you process any size food from delicate cheese to hard beets. 5 disc attachments, 3 blade attachments, 2 different sized bowls; the Sous Chef is versatile in every possible way.


A. Small Food Pusher.
B. Large Food Pusher.
C. Super Wide Feed Chute.
D. Processing Lid.
E. PULSE button.
F. START/PAUSE button.
G. POWER/OFF button.
H. Feed Chute Safety System.
I. Silicone Seal.
J. 16 cup Processing Bowl for dry ingredients and 12 cups for liquid (wet ingredients).
K. Count-Up & Count-Down Timer.
L. LCD Display.
M. Direct Drive Motor.
N. Non-Skid Rubber Feet.

Included with your Breville Sous Chef®


O. Julienne Disc.
P. French Fry/Vegetable Stick Disc.
Q. Reversible Shredding Disc.
R. Adjustable Slicer.
S. Emulsifying Disc.
T. Micro-Serrated Universal S Blade™.
U. Dough Blade.
V. Mini Processing Blade.
W. Disc Spindle.
X. Storage Container.

NOTE: Processing bowls and attachments are BPA free.

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