The BFP660SIL Sous Chef™ 12 comes with some very special features.

  • Varying Food Pushers – With a small, medium and large food pusher, the Sous Chef™ 12 allows for greater control over the foods being processed, ensuring they are sliced, chopped and just plain perfect.
  • PAUSE Button – The Sous Chef™ 12 has a pause button that allows for a brief interruption of the processing without completely stopping and starting the entire machine. Those foods that need quick bursts of power to process will be a breeze.
  • Overload Protection – To ensure that the motor is not damaged by overly large loads or food jams, the Sous Chef™ 12 is equipped with an overload protection feature. If it senses the motor struggling too much, the machine will stop processing, the motor will shut off, and the machine will go into ‘Stand-By’ mode will all of the buttons flashing.