Ensuring trouble-free operation for years

Your Breville Hot Wok™ is a quality appliance. The best materials were used in making it, and it was carefully engineered to let you enjoy your wok for years to come.

However, as with any machine, it needs your care in order to operate as it is intended to. Please follow our care tips below.

After Every Use

1.plug3wall_009When cooking is completed, turn the heating arrow to the ‘Off’ position (‘0’ on dial) then unplug from power outlet. Leave the Temperature Control Probe connected to the Wok until it has cooled down.
2.BEW600XL_3758After the Wok has cooled down, remove the Temperature Control Probe from the Probe Socket by depressing the ‘Easy Release’ lever on the side of the probe.
3.BEW600XL_3797Remove the Glass Lid and wash it in warm soapy water using a soft sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly. The Glass Lid is dishwasher safe.

NOTE: Take care when the Glass Lid is hot -- do not place it under cold water or on cold surfaces, because this could cause the Lid to break.

With the Lid off and the Temperature Control Probe removed, turn the Wok upside down to remove the Wok Base by turning the Quick Release Knob counter clockwise to 'Unlock' and lifting the Base from the Wok, lifting over the Probe Socket.
See Attach/Remove Wok Base.
The Wok Base and Bowl should be washed in hot soapy water. Dry thoroughly.

NOTE: To extend the life of the non-stick coating, we recommend that the Wok Bowl, Base, and Lid be washed by hand, although they are dishwasher safe. The recessed heating element in the Wok Bowl is completely sealed, so it is safe to immerse in water.
6.BW600_3769Removable Temperature Control Probe
If cleaning is necessary, wipe the Temperature Control Probe with a slightly damp cloth.

NOTE: Do not immerse the cord, plug or Temperature Control Probe in water or any other liquid.

Removable Temperature Control Probe

The Temperature Control Probe should be handled carefully. Do not knock or drop it, because the probe may become damaged. If damage is suspected, call Breville Customer Service at 1-866-Breville.


BEW600XL_3832For convenient storage of the Temperature Control Probe, line the Wok Bowl with two sheets of paper towel and place the probe on the paper towels. This will ensure the probe and plug don't scratch the non-stick coating.