The Oracle® comes with some very unique and special features. The instruction book has a full list of these features.

  • Hands Free Automatic Grind, Dose & Tamp – With the simple selection of a grind fineness and the turn of the portafilter, the Oracle® automatically grinds the correct size grounds, doses the correct amount and tamps the grinds into the portafilter. While automating much of the ‘creation’ of the grinds puck, the dose is reliant on the grind size and that is entirely up to you so you are still in full control.
  • Automatic Hands-Free Milk Texturing – You select the style of foam and you select the temperature, the Oracle® does the rest. It knows the type foam needed to make a latté, the type of foam to make a cappuccino, and the difference between the two. It also knows how to mix the two types, making the milk texturing completely personal, individual, and just right. The steam wand also auto-purges itself after steaming once it’s returned to the straight-down position.
  • One-Touch Americano – Turn the AMERICANO dial to choose the size or strength you would like then push the dial in. It’s that simple. The Oracle® delivers the perfect extraction followed by the perfect amount of water with just one push.