The importance of water – Using the right water is essential to achieving the best flavor from coffee and making sure the machine operates without interruption. We do not recommend using highly filtered or demineralized water such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtered, demineralized or zero-filtered waters. The machine is not designed to operate with these kinds of filtered water as there is too little or no mineral content which is required for the sensors within the machine to operate. These types of waters can also alter the taste of the coffee from what one would normally expect.
If these types of waters must be used, we recommend adding in a small bottle (6oz) of spring or tap water when filling the water tank to provide the minimal content of minerals required for the machine to operate without hassle.

    If it doesn’t seem to work…

    The Oracle® has instances where functions are disabled.

  • The 1 CUP, 2 CUP and AMERICANO functions will not be select-able nor will the cleaning function be able to be selected or accessed until the machine has reached operating temperature.
  • Hot water can not be run at the same time espresso is being extracted.
  • The MENU button is disabled when the machine is in extraction mode or dispensing hot water.
  • The clock must be set before the Auto Start and Auto Off times can be set.
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    Things to remember for daily operation.

  • Prior to texturing milk, purge the steam wand by momentarily pressing down on the steam lever.
  • Always wipe the filter basket and portafilter dry before dosing with ground coffee as moisture can encourage ‘channeling’ where water by passes the ground coffee during extraction.
  • Do not clean any parts of the machine or the accessories in the dishwasher.
    Don’t forget…

  • To over-ride the AMERICANO function during operation, press the AMERICANO dial. This will stop the flow of espresso and start the flow of hot water. Pressing the AMERICANO dial during the hot water delivery will stop the flow of hot water.
  • The 1 CUP and 2 CUP buttons are set to use duration to control the espresso volume. To change to volumetric control the Advanced Features menu will need to be accessed.
  • The machine will exit Advanced Features menu if there is no user input for 30 seconds or the POWER or MENU buttons are pressed.