STEAM LEDWhen the STEAM LED is flashing, the machine will not enter into START UP as the STEAM LEVER is in the open position. Move the lever to the closed position.
HOT WATER LEDThe machine will not enter START UP mode when the HOT WATER dial is in the OPEN position and the HOT WATER LED is flashing. Move the dial to the closed position.
HOT WATER LEDThe HOT WATER LED will flash when the hot water function has been operating for more than approximately 30 seconds. Move the dial to the CLOSED position then back to OPEN if more hot water is required.
Fill TankThe machine will detect a low water level in the tank. The FILL TANK message will be displayed on the LCD screen until water is added.
CLEAN ME!The machine will detect when 200 extractions have been carried out since the last cleaning cycle was initiated. The CLEAN ME! message will display on the LCD screen until a cleaning cycle is run
SERVICEWhen the SERVICE message scrolls across the LCD screen, after approximately 6,000 cycles, contact Breville® Consumer Services to arrange the servicing of the machine