Decalcifying Clean Me Cycle Cleaning the Grinder Cleaning the Steam Wand Cleaning the Filter Baskets and Portafilter Cleaning the Shower Screen

Please note, none of the parts or accessories for the Barista Express are dishwasher safe. These items must be washed by hand in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried thoroughly before next use.


  • Decalcifying is the most important cleaning operation that will be done with the espresso machine. It is VITALLY important that this be done, generally once a month. This will prevent mineral deposits from building up internally. These build-ups will clog the machine, causing water to no longer flow out of the group head as well as the hot water spout and steam wand. These build-ups will also cause heat to no longer transfer to the water, making it colder then normal and causing espresso flavor to be off or even for the machine to not register that it is heating correctly. These build-ups can also clog the pump, making the machine cease to function completely. Decalcifying is essential to the espresso machine, most especially when the espresso machine is NOT used often. The longer water sits still internally, the more the minerals build up.
  • Press the POWER button, turning the machine off.
  • Pour in a 50/50 mixture into the water tank of white vinegar and water up to the MAX line. White vinegar is recommended as it is all natural and has the highest content of acetic acid.
  • Remove the portafilter from the group head and place a large container beneath both the group head and the steam wand.
  • Press the POWER button on the machine.
  • Once the brewing temperature has been reached and all the button lights on the control panel have illuminated, press and hold either the 1 CUP or 2 CUP button to commence a manual pour.
  • Once half the tank has flowed out, release the button and empty the container.
  • Set the STEAM/HOT WATER dial to HOT WATER and allow the solution to flow for about 30 seconds. Then return the dial to the STANDBY position.
  • Set the STEAM/HOT WATER dial to STEAM and allow the solution to run through the steam wand for about 2 minutes. This time needs to be longer as the contents are under pressure and less solution flows through at any one time.
  • Once the 2 minutes have elapsed, turn the dial to STANDBY once again.
  • If the water being used to brew normally is hard water or a water softener is used, it is recommended that this process be repeated a second time.
  • Remove the water tank and rinse thoroughly with fresh, clean water.
  • Fill the water tank with cold fresh water and replace it in the machine then repeat holding either the 1 CUP button or 2 CUP, turning on the HOT WATER and turning on the STEAM in order to flush the decalcifying solution from the espresso machine.

    Clean Me Cycle

  • The espresso machine is equipped with a function that allows for a dryer puck for ease of cleaning. However, in order to create a dry puck, some of the liquid left in the portafilter is pulled into an area of the group head. This liquid is filled with coffee oils and it can get clogged. After a certain amount of shots, the ‘CLEAN ME’ light will illuminate, indicating that a flush is needed of this area.
  • The espresso machine comes with a cleaning disc and cleaning tablets and these are needed for the Clean Me Cycle.
  • Insert the 1 cup Dual Wall filter into the portafilter and press down securely.
  • Place the Cleaning Disc into the filter and make sure it is pressed in.
  • Place one cleaning tablet into the center of the cleaning disc and lock the portafilter into the group head.
  • Press the POWER button to turn the espresso machine OFF.
  • Press and hold the 1 CUP and 2 CUP buttons at the same time. Once held, then press the power button for about 10 seconds.
  • The Clean Me Cycle lasts around 5 minutes and, once complete, 2 beeps will sound.
  • Remove the portafilter, ensure that the cleaning tablet has completely dissolved, and rinse the portafilter and cleaning disc under cool running water.

    Cleaning the Grinder

  • Unlock the bean hopper and empty out any beans that are in it into a container.
  • Lock the hopper back into place and run a grind cycle until no grounds come out.
  • Unlock the hopper again and set aside. Using the handle on the top of the outer burr, turn the burr towards the ‘ALIGN” arrow to unlock it and remove it.
  • Using the Cleaning Brush, brush any grounds from the crevices of the burr as well as the top of the lower burr that is still in the machine.
  • Replace the outer burr and lock the bean hopper back in place but do not replace the beans yet.
  • Slide the cleaning brush into the grounds chute where the portafilter cradle is under the grinder.
  • Move the brush in and out and in a circular motion to release any grounds that may be clinging inside the chute.
  • Replace the beans in the hopper and resume use of the espresso machine.

    Cleaning the Steam Wand

  • The steam wand should be cleaned after every use.
  • Wipe the exterior of the wand with a damp cloth, making sure to remove all milk residue from the stainless steel.
  • Once wiped town, point the tip of the steam wand towards the drip tray and turn the STEAM/HOT WATER dial to STEAM for 10 seconds.
  • If steam is not coming out of the tip as it should, one of the holes may be clogged.
  • Turn the espresso machine off and allow it to cool.
  • Using the cleaning tool pin end, gently poke each of the steam wand tip holes with the pin.
  • Turn the espresso machine back on, wait for it to reach brewing temperature then turn the STEAM/HOT WATER dial to STEAM for 10 seconds again.
  • If the holes remain blocked, use the opening in the center of the cleaning tool as a kind of wrench to remove the steam wand tip.
  • Soak the top in hot water for 10 minutes then use the pin on the holes again, replacing the tip on the steam wand once done and running steam for 10 seconds again.

    Cleaning the Filter Baskets and Portafilter

  • The filter baskets and portafilter should be rinsed under hot water immediately after use to remove all residual coffee oils.
  • If any of the holes in the filter basket are blocked, use the pin on the end of the cleaning tool to unblock them.
  • If the holes remain blocked, dissolve a cleaning tablet in hot water in a bowl and soak the filter baskets and portafilter in the solution for approximately 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly.

    Cleaning the Shower Screen

  • The group head interior and shower screen should be wiped with a damp cloth after each use to remove any ground coffee particles.
  • If there seems to be stubborn build up on the shower screen, use the Allen key to undo the screw in the middle of the shower screen, making note of which side faces into the group head.
  • The shower screen can be soaked in hot water for approximately 20 minutes, washed clean with hot water with a mild dish washing liquid, rinsed and dried thoroughly then reinserted into the group head.