Daily CleaningPeriodic CleaningEvery 2 to 3 Months

Your Barista Express is a quality appliance. The best materials were used in making it, and it was carefully engineered to let you enjoy your espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes for years to come. However, as with any machine, it needs your care in order to operate as it is intended to. Please follow our care tips below.

Daily Cleaning

  • With no coffee in the portafilter, lock it into place under the group head and place an empty mug beneath it. Press and release the 1 Cup button and allow the water to flow into the cup. This will flush out any loose residual grounds that might be in the group head as well as flushing out any oils that might be in the filters or portafilter. This should be done before any extractions are pulled to pre-heat the portafilter, mug or coffee cup, and the group head. This should be done after all extractions are done for the day to aid in keeping the group head, portafilter and filters clean of any coffee residue or possible blockages.
  • Remove the Frothing Enhancer and run warm water through both ends to clean away any milk left on the enhancer. Take a soft damp cloth and wipe the Steam Wand. It is very important that all milk be removed from the Steam Wand, clean thoroughly. Turn the Steam Dial to ‘STEAM’ to flush out any milk that may be inside the tip. If the tip seems clogged, use the pin end of the Cleaning Tool to poke through the fine holes at the end of the Steam Wand then turn the steam on again to flush out anything that may be remaining in the holes. If the blockage is persistent, use the opening in the center of the Cleaning Tool to remove the tip of the Steam Wand and soak the tip overnight.
  • If the filter seems clogged when running water through it, the pin end of the cleaning tool can be used to poke through the holes in the filter, clearing any blockages.
  • Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the inside of the brew head clear of any coffee grounds that may be remaining on the Shower Head.

Periodic Cleaning

Cleaning The Conical Burr Grinder

  • The grinder cleaning cycle will help to remove any oil or coffee beans left in the machine.
  • Unlock the hopper and empty out the beans. Replace the hopper, lock into place, and replace the lid.
  • Run the grinder empty for 5 or 10 seconds.
  • Unlock and remove the hopper.
  • Unlock the Upper Burr and remove it.
  • Using the provided Cleaning Brush, brush off the Upper Burr, making sure to clean very carefully around the burr teeth. Clean the area above the burrs with the brush as well. Sliding the brush into the other grinding surface, clean the lower burr and the chute surrounding it.
  • Replace the Upper Burr, making sure to lock securely in place. Replace the hopper and lock into place. Replace the beans and the lid.

Cleaning Cycle

  • The Barista Express™ is equipped with a feature that allows for a dryer puck when it is removed after extraction. There is a small valve in the group head that sucks up a bit of the excess water. Unfortunately, with that water is coffee oils and possible grounds. In order to keep this valve working correctly and optimally, it is required it be cleaned periodically. The CLEAN ME light that comes on indicates when it is time to run this cleaning cycle.
  • Empty the Drip Tray and fill the Water Tank.
  • Insert the 54mm Cleaning Disc into the Dual Wall Single Shot filter and press this into the portafilter until it clicks in place.
  • Remove one of the provided cleaning tablets and set that in the center of the cleaning disc. Lock the portafilter into the machine as if extracting a shot.
  • Turn OFF the power to the machine.
  • Press and hold both the 1 Cup and 2 Cup buttons at the same time. While holding them both, press the power button.
  • If the ‘CLEAN ME’ light is flashing and the pump engages, the cleaning cycle has started. If, however, the light remains on solid, then a shot is being brewed and you will need to press and release either the 1 Cup or 2 Cup button to stop the shot, turn the machine off, and try again with pressing and holding the buttons.
  • The cleaning cycle is a 5 minute cycle and there should be no water coming out of the machine. The water should be flushing in and out of the group head, dissolving the tablet to clean the valve.

Every 2 to 3 Months

Replacing the Water Filter.

  • Every two months you should replace the resin water filter in the water tank.
  • Pull up on the handle using the ring hole.
  • Unclip the bottom mesh section and remove the used water filter. Discard safely.
  • Pull out a new resin filter and soak in a cup of water for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, remove the filter and hold it under cold running water for 5 seconds.
  • Place the filter on the mesh and clip the top handle onto the holder until it clicks.
  • Replace the holder assembly back into the holder location in the water tank.

Decalcifying the Barista Express™

  • Fill the water tank 1/2 full of white vinegar and fill it the rest of the way with cold water.
  • Remove the portafilter and place the most often used filter in it. Do NOT add coffee. Lock the portafilter back in place. Remove the Frothing Enhancer
  • Turn the machine on and place a large empty container beneath the portafilter. Once the machine has reached extraction temperature and the button surrounds are all illuminated, press and hold either the 1 Cup or 2 Cup button to commence manual pour. Release the button when about half of the mixture has been emptied from the water tank.
  • Place an empty container beneath the Steam Wand and turn the Steal Dial to the ‘STEAM’ position. Allow the steam to flow for approximately 2 minutes.
  • Allow the mixture to remain in the machine for one to two hours.
  • Empty the remaining solution from the water tank and wash with warm soapy water then rinse thoroughly.
  • Fill the water tank with fresh cold water and replace in the machine.
  • Place another large empty container beneath the portafilter and press and hold either the 1 Cup or 2 Cup button to commence manual pour.
  • Release the button once half of the water is out of the tank.
  • Turn the Steam Dial to ‘STEAM’ and allow the steam to flow for approximately 2 minutes to clear the solution from the piping.