Setting up your Barista Express™ Espresso Machine is quick and easy.

  • Set the storage try in the drip tray area and place the unused accessories inside. Slide the tray to the back of the opening.
  • Insert the ‘Empty Me!’ indicator into the drip tray and place the Coffee Grounds Separator on top. Place the grill on top of the separator and slide the drip tray into position in the base of the machine in front of the storage tray.
  • Remove the resin water filter from the plastic bag and soak in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Rinse the filter under cold running water for 5 seconds. Wash the stainless steel mesh in the plastic filter holder with water and assemble. Set the date dial to 2 months ahead and insert the resin filter into the underside of the filter holder. Attach the holder to the section holding the mesh and place this securely into the water tank.
  • Fill the water tank with fresh cold water up to the MAX line. We recommend using filtered water, not distilled, demineralized, or mineral water.
  • Insert the hopper into position and turn the lock 90° until it clicks, securing the bean hopper into place.
  • Fill the hopper with a cup or two of beans and secure the lid on.