Before First Use

Machine Preparation

Remove and discard all labeling and packaging materials attached to your espresso machine. Ensure you have removed all parts and accessories before discarding the packaging.

Remove the water tank located at the back of the machine by lifting the water tank handle. Remove the plastic bag containing the water filter and water filter holder. Clean parts and accessories (water tank, portafilter, filter baskets, frothing jug) using warm water and a gentle dish washing liquid, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Wipe the outer housing and drip tray with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the outer housing, power cord or power plug in water or any other liquid.

NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleansers, pads or cloths which can scratch the surface. Do not clean any of the parts or accessories in the dishwasher.

Conditioning the Water Filter

The water filter should be removed if using filtered or bottled water.
Remove the water filter and water filter holder from the plastic bag.

1.Soak the water filter in a cup of water for 5 minutes, then rinse under cold running water.
2.Wash the water filter holder with cold water, taking specific care to rinse the stainless steel mesh.
3.Insert the water filter into the two parts of the water filter holder.
4.Set Date Dial 2 months ahead.
5.To install the assembled water filter holder into the water tank, align the base of the water filter holder with the adapter inside the water tank. Push down to lock into place.
6.Slide the water tank back into position at the back of the machine, ensuring to push down completely to lock into place.