Initial Set Up

1.Ensure the water filter is securely fitted inside the water tank.
2.Fill the water tank with cold, preferably filtered water up to the MAX mark. When replacing the water tank, push down completely to lock into place.
NOTE:Always check the water level before use and replace water daily.
Use cold, preferably filtered water.
Do not use mineral or distilled water or any other liquid.
3.Select the filter to be used and firmly press the filter into the portafilter until it locks into place.
4.Store remaining stainless steel filters, cleaning tablets, cleaning tool, cleaning disc and Allen key in the tool storage tray and slide tray into the opening beneath the machine.
5.Slide the drip tray assembly into the opening beneath the machine, in front of the storage tray.
6.Press the POWER button to switch the machine On. The POWER button light will flash while the machine is heating.
A pumping sound will be heard. This is normal.
7.When the machine has reached the correct operating temperature, the POWER button light will stop flashing and all button lights on the control panel will illuminate.