The Die-Cast Programmable Espresso Machine comes with a few special features.

  • “Pressurized” Dual Wall Filters – These filters are designed to slow the water flow rate during extraction, resulting in an espresso that has been extracted at the correct pressure, leading to a rich golden créma.
  • “Non-Pressurized” Single Wall Filters – These filters provide no additional slowing of the water flow rate, hence experimentation with the grind size, grind amount and tamp force is required to achieve favorable results. By using the Single Wall filters, you are free to explore the world of espresso with those variables to extract a rich variety of flavors.
  • Electronic Temperature Control – The electronic temperature control accurately maintains the optimal brewing temperature of the water. This helps ensure you get the best possible extraction each time an espresso is made.
  • Energy Saving Features – The Die-Cast Programmable Espresso Machine will enter the ‘Power Saving Mode’ if not used for 1 hour, and will automatically switch off if not used for a further 3 hours. During the ‘Power Save Mode’ only the POWER button surround will be illuminated. All other buttons and surround lights will not be illuminated. To re-activate the machine during ‘Power Save Mode’ simply press the program, 1 cup or 2 cup button. The POWER button surround will then begin flashing as the machine heats to return to the optimal extraction temperature. When that temperature is reached, all button surrounds will be illuminated. To switch the machine to off while in ‘Power Save Mode’, simply press the POWER button.