The Breville┬« Die-Cast Programmable Espresso Machine – This espresso machine extracts the perfect volume of coffee at the touch of a button. Choose from Auto Shot, Custom Shot, or Manual, Shot, the Espresso Pressure Gauge assists in obtaining the most favorable extraction pressure, to create the ideal espresso.

BES820XL Know Your Machine 1

A. Power Button.B. 'Power Save Mode'
C. Hot Water Light - Illuminates to indicate that the hot water function is selected.D. Hot Water Wand - provides instant hot water.
E. Drip Tray Full Indicator.F. Removable 34 oz. drip tray - with stainless steel grid.
G. Extra-Large Cup Warming Tray.H. 15 Bar Pump - Italian designed and made.
I. Steam Light - Illuminates to indicate that the steam function is selected.J. Electronic temperature control.
K. Extra-Large Cup height for large mugs.L. Thermoblock Heating System - ensures that the espresso is extracted at the correct temperature.
M. Program Button - Personalize the preset shot size to suit your personal taste.N. Group Head.
O. External Viewing Backlit Water Window.P. Removable 75 oz. Water Tank - Filled from the front of the machine.
Q. Espresso Pressure Gauge - Assists in obtaining the most favorable extraction pressure.R. Programmable 1 CUP and 2 CUP buttons.
S. Solid Chrome Brass Portafilter.T. Swivel Steam Wand with Frothing Attachment - Easily adjusts to perfect positioning for steaming and frothing milk.

BES820XL Know Your Machine 2

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