General Use

  • Only use cold tap water in the water tank, no other liquid.
  • Always check the water level in the tank before use. If it is low, refill prior to engaging either the brew head or steam wand.
  • When the Duo-Temp™ Pro creates steam, the pump can often be heard. This is normal operation for the machine.
  • The Duo-Temp™ Pro will default to ‘STEAM” on the Control Dial when first turned on.
  • The STEAM and HOT WATER functions can not be run at the same time.
  • Before placing the portafilter into the group head for the first use of each day, turn the Control Dial to ESPRESSO for approximately 10 seconds to allow some water to purge out, ensuring that it is the optimal temperature, and allowing the group head to heat up, helping to prevent heat loss and altered flavors for the espresso shot.

Specialized Use

  • Bean freshness is incredibly important to the espresso shot. Filters can make up for older, drier, oiler or more darkly roasted beans but only so much. We only recommend the use of whole fresh coffee beans.
  • Always look for a ‘Roasted On’ date on the coffee beans, not a ‘Best By’ or ‘Use By’ date.
  • Freshly roasted beans are best when used between 5 and 20 days of roasting.
  • Always pre-heat the cup or glass that will be used for the espresso pour as well as the one that will be used for the resulting drink should they be different. This can be done by rinsing with hot water for a few seconds and placing on the cup warming tray.
  • As a guide when tamping, the top metal cap of the tamper should be level with the top of the filter basket after the coffee has been tamped.
  • If the coffee in the filter basket should be more then what was intended, the Razor precision dose trimming tool can be used to trim off any excess. Set the tool on top of the coffee, pressing down until the bottom edge rests on the top of the filter basket. Turn back and forth while holding the basket at an angle over a knock box or trash bin to remove the unneeded grounds.