Care and Cleaning

  1. Always ensure that the control switches are in the OFF position. Then remove the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Eject the beaters/dough hooks from the mixer.
  3. bem600xl-07To remove the hand mixer from the stand before cleaning, press the TILT button to tilt the mixer head to the up position. Press the PUSH TO RELEASE MIXER button to remove the mixer head from the stand.
  4. Remove the mixing bowl from stand then wipe the hand mixer and mixer stand area with a soft, damp cloth then dry thoroughly.
  5. Wipe any excess food particles from the power cord.
  6. Wash the beaters, mixer bowl, spatula and dough hooks in warm soapy water with a soft clean cloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly. The spatula may also be washed in the dishwasher.
  7. Do not allow the mixer, beaters or dough hooks to soak in water for an extended period of time, as they may damage the metal finish.
  8. Do not place any part of the mixer except the spatula in the dishwasher.

NOTE: Do not use abrasive scouring pads or cleaners when cleaning the mixer bowl, beaters or dough hooks as these may scratch the surface. Also ensure that the mixing bowl, beaters or dough hooks are not soaked in water for extended periods of time — for several hours or overnight — as this may damage the metal finish.

Do not wash or soak the mixer stand in water or other liquid; instead, clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not allow water or any liquid to enter the gear system, as damage may result.


Never immerse the Hand Mixer, mixer stand, power cord or plug in water or any other liquid.