Use of your Deep Fryer

  • The Deep Fryer should only be connected to a power supply after the vessel has been filled with oil.
  • The Magnetic cord is designed to detach easily from the fryer in-case it is accidentally pulled. As a result, if it is bumped or touched during use, it could accidentally detach during operation.
  • Do not overfill the basket with food. Overfilling lowers the overall oil temperature causing food to absorb oil and not cook properly.
  • Take care when opening the lid. The Deep Fryer generates heat and steam at a high temperature which will escape immediately when the lid is opened. Use protective hot pads or insulated oven mitts to prevent any mishaps.
  • To preserve oil quality, do not add salt, spices or seasonings to the food until after it has been removed from the Deep Fryer

This product is for the deep frying of food only with oils of appropriately high smoke point. It should not be used for any other task such as heating wax or cooking soups or casseroles.

To avoid personal injury, always position your deep fryer well back from the edge of the counter or table. Do not let the power cord drape over the edge of the counter or table or within reach of children. Always use your deep fryer on a dry, flat, stable, heat-resistant surface.

Only use the Cool Plate™ Element assembly in the removable oil vessel provided, or fire could result. Never use in any other vessel or for heating any other liquid. After cleaning, place oil vessel back into the housing and position the Cool Plate™ element assembly correctly in the removable oil vessel.