Tips for Day to Day use

  • Never pour water or allow water to get into the bean hopper. The hopper leads directly to the grinder and moisture in the grinder can lead to clogs and back up in the grinder, hindering the coffee maker.
  • Do not add water to the tank once the brewing cycle has started.
  • The safety interlock system will prevent the operation of the coffee maker if the coffee basket is not in place, if it not firmly seated on the two door hooks, or if the swing-out door is not closed. The LCD screen will flash ‘EMPTY COFFEE FILTER’ until these issues are resolved.
  • Never open the swing-out door or attempt to remove the coffee basket while the coffee maker is still brewing.
  • The coffee machine will enter a ‘POWER SAVE’ mode after 10 minutes of no use or being idle. Press any button to exit the ‘POWER SAVE’ mode and re-start the machine.
  • To ensure your coffee is the correct temperature, always pre-heat the carafe by running hot water through it and pre-heat the carafe by willing 1/3 of the way with hot water and swirling in the heated water around the carafe for 30 to 45 seconds before emptying.
  • For easy removal, transfer, and storage of beans, the hopper can be removed, with beans remaining in it, by turning the locking knob counter-clockwise and lifting the hopper out of the holding space/
  • In order to use the AUTO START feature, the time must be set on the coffee machine.
  • Once the AUTO START time is set, and the machine remains plugged in, it will not need to be reset. However the actual Auto Start feature will need to be selected each time you want a to pre-schedule a brew. If the Auto Start time is set on Sunday, you need to simply press the Auto Start button each day after that to ensure the brew is ready the following morning.

Tips for Special Functions

Adjusting the Burrs

  • The stainless steel burrs are adjustable to allow for you to fine tune your grind to absolute perfection. Adjusting the burrs allows you to alter the grind to compensate for different origins, quality, age and degree of roast. The middle setting, 3, should be fine for most coffee beans that are purchased.
  • In order to get the perfect grind you should visually assess the grind. If you are normally brewing single cups up to 10 oz, a finger grind will do well, a setting of 2 -3. For 12 cup carafes, it is recommended that a coarser setting is used, 3 – 5. These are also only suggestions as there are a large number of variables with beans that can alter what can be used for an optimal grind. Older beans should be a bit finer, oiler beans should be a bit coarser, etc.
  • To adjust the burrs, turn the Grind Adjustment dial, located through the bean hopper lid, in the direction of the arrow to effect a coarser or finer grind. The LCD will display your grind setting when the dial is turned. Ensure that the dial is turned slowly until the desired grind number is displayed.

Reset Function

  • There may be times when all new beans or grinds are being used that are entirely different from the previous coffee. In those cases it may be necessary to reset the brewer back to the factory defaults.
  • Press the MENU/EXIT button.
  • Rotate the STRENGTH dial to RESET.
  • Press the STRENGTH dial to select.
  • YES will be displayed and flashing.
  • Press the STRENGTH button to confirm the reset.
  • The machine will beep to confirm the reset.

Adjusting the ‘READY’ Volume.

  • The volume of the READY signal can be adjusted to your preference.
  • Press the MENU/EXIT button.
  • Rotate the STRENGTH dial to SOUND.
  • Press the STRENGTH dial to select SOUND.
  • SOUND and the current setting (HI, Lo, OFF) will be displayed and flashing on the LCD screen.
  • Rotate the STRENGTH dial to select your volume preference.
  • Press the STRENGTH dial to confirm your selection.
  • The machine will beep to confirm.
  • The LCD will automatically return to the main screen.