the YouBrew® Glass Troubleshooting

‘EMPTY COFFEE FILTER’ Message on the LCD screen.

There is more then one reason for the ‘EMPTY COFFEE FILTER’ message to appear on the YouBrew®. What this message truly means is that the coffee filter ‘needs attention’. Yes, grounds may still be in the filter from the last brew. However, it also could be that the swing-out door is not completely closed. The door may stay in place but until it clicks in securely, it’s not locked into place. The YouBrew®, for safety reasons, will not brew until the door is secured into place. Also, it may be that the actual coffee basket is not in place or assembled correctly. There are two door hooks that the coffee basket hangs on. If the basket is not securely on those two hooks, again this is a safety feature, the YouBrew® will display the ‘EMPTY COFFEE FILTER’ message and will not brew. If the lid of the coffee basket is not completely closed, for example, the gold tone filter inside is slightly askew making the lid not completely closed, then the message will display and the machine will not brew. Unless the lid is closed completely, the basket is seated securely on the door hooks, and the machine registers that the door was opened and then closed completely between brews, the YouBrew® will disable the ‘brew’ function. Any of these can cause overflowing in the basket of either grounds (causing serious issues with the coffee machine) or hot water (possibly causing injury). To prevent these, if the machine senses any of the above issues, it will show the message on the LCD display and disable the ‘brew’ function.

Cleaning the Coffee Chute.

Cleaning the Grinder.

Descale message.

Periodically it’s necessary to descale the YouBrew®. This is a very simple procedure where the water tank is filled with 4 cups of white vinegar and 8 cups of water, the carafe mode is selected with NO coffee in the coffee basket, the STRENGTH button is moved to ‘PRE-GROUND’ and the full 12 cups of solution is brewed into the carafe. This process is then repeated and after the second carafe of solution, two full tanks of fresh water are brewed through the machine, again, without coffee in the coffee basket.

Once this is done, however, the ‘DESCALE’ message will still be on the LCD screen. In order to remove this message, press the SINGLE CUP and CARAFE buttons at the same time. The message will now be removed from the screen.

The importance of water

Using the right water is essential to achieving the best flavor from coffee and making sure the machine operates without interruption. We do not recommend using highly filtered or demineralized water such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtered, demineralized or zero-filtered waters. The machine is not designed to operate with these kinds of filtered water as there is too little or no mineral content which is required for the sensors within the machine to operate. These types of waters can also alter the taste of the coffee from what one would normally expect.

If these types of waters must be used, we recommend adding in a small bottle (6oz) of spring or tap water when filling the water tank to provide the minimal content of minerals required for the machine to operate without hassle.

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