Set up of the Precision Brewer™ Thermal is quick and easy.

  • Ensure that the brewer is on a flat dry surface.
  • Fill the water tank with water and place on the brewer. Turn the power on the retrieve the water hardness test strip.
  • The first time the brewer is turned on the LCD will read ‘HArd’, asking you to set the water hardness level.
  • Dip the water hardness test strip into the filled water tank for 1 second, remove, and wait 1 minute to reveal the results. Rotate the SELECT dial and until the corresponding hardness setting is showing then press the SELECT dial to set.
  • Ensure that the coffee basket and empty carafe (with the lid attached) are placed in the brewer.
  • Rotate the SELECT dial to FAST and press the START/CANCEL button.
  • This is just the initial flush of the system and once all water is brewed into the carafe, you will hear a quiet signal and can empty and rinse both the carafe and the baskset.