Basic Use

  • The operating time of the blender, with a fully charged battery is about 10 minutes. Most processing can take place in 30 seconds to 3 minutes so this will allow a significant amount of blending to take place before a new charge is needed.
  • While the attachments and accessories are designed to be used with liquid ingredients, do not immerse the motor base or charging base in water or any other liquid.
  • The cordless stick blender can be used to blend hot liquids while they are still in the pan. Remove the pan from head and ensure that the liquid is not boiling when blending.
  • While the blender, itself, can be used to blend hot liquids, do not place boiling or hot liquids in the chopping bowl.
  • The Nickle Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery cells have a high capacity and are designed for long life. It is not required that they be completely discharged before recharging.
  • To begin blending, press the ‘POWER’ button first and hold for 1 second before pressing the ‘SPEED’ button. Ensure both are depressed to begin blending.
  • For low speed, lightly depress the ‘SPEED’ button. For higher speed, press the ‘SPEED’ button firmly.
  • do not operate the blender with the chopping attachments if the chopping bowl is empty.


  • From completely flat, the battery will take approximately 5 hours to charge fully. However, the blender will operate after 2 hours of charging, but the operating time will be greatly shortened.
  • Operating time will vary depending on the load that the blender is under while mixing. The thicker and heavier the food, the shorter the life span of the charge including when ice is being crushed.
  • The motor base is designed to be placed on the charging base and left on charge at all times when not in use. The motor is fitted with a special protective electronic circuit to prevent overcharging.

General Tips

  • When pureeing and blending, cut food into uniform sized. This will ensure consistent results.
  • The hand blender blends foods and liquids rapidly, therefore it is easy to over-process. Check food periodically throughout the blending.
  • Use the storage lid of the jug as a non-slip base during blending. This will keep the jug stable.
  • When processing with the chopping bowl, hold the motor body with one hand and the chopping bowl and lid with the other.