The Cordless 9.6V Hand Blender – Simple and elegant, this powerful, portable, hand blender can mix just about anything you want, anywhere you want. From soups to marinades to your favorite iced drink, it’s the powerful little anything mixer that can get the job done.

Know Your Machine Final

A.Smoothie AttachmentB. Charge Light (red for charging/ green for fully charged).
C. 360° Charging Base.D. Optional Wall Mount.
E. Stainless Steel Ice-Crushing Blades.F. Detachable Stainless Steel Shaft.
G. 2 Speed Push Button Control.H. Safety System (Blender will not operate unless both POWER and SPEED button are pressed simultaneously)
I. 9.6V Battery.J. 34 oz Mixing Jug with Storage Lid/Non-Slip Base.

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