the Smart Grinder Pro™ Troubleshooting

Blockage of the Smart Grinder Pro™

Regular use of the Smart Grinder Pro™ can result in blockage. This is a common occurrence and can be easily corrected. This blockage can be from a few different sources: a foreign item mixed in with the coffee beans (like a stone or overly-roasted bean), grounds build up (most especially from the use of oily beans), or even water. Regular cleaning can prevent the grounds build up and the water blockage. If the beans look shiny on the surface, generally it means that oils have been brought to the surface and this can easily cause clumping of the grounds within the burs of the grinder. Water being present can cause the same issue, making the grounds stick to each other and eventually blocking parts of the grinder.

  • To clear this blockage, remove the bean hopper lid and unlock the hopper. This closes the chute openings on the bottom of the grinder and prevents beans from spilling out.
  • Remove the hopper and set aside.
  • Tip the grinder over into a bowl or container to empty out any beans remaining in the hopper seat/top of the outer bur.
  • Lift the outer bur handle and turn the outer bur counter-clockwise to unlock. The bur will be stiff and it may seem like excessive force is being used but this is to make sure that it locks securely in place and will not accidentally unlock while in use.
  • Lift out the outer bur and, holding the side carefully, use the cleaning brush provided to brush all grounds from the bur and the ring surrounding it. It’s important to remove all of the excess even from the outer ring as that can fall in and cause the same type of blockage.
  • Set the outer bur aside and place a paper coffee filter or paper towel beneath the grinds chute.
  • Holding the end of the cleaning brush, slide it into the grinder, bristles down, as far in as it can safely and easily be moved. Please note, the burs are sharp so this should be done very carefully.
  • Sliding the brush up and down, move it around the interior of the grinder. When resistance is felt, continue slowly and gently moving the bristles against that area. Grounds should slowly fall from the grinds chute.
  • Once the grinder is no longer releasing any grounds, set the brush aside and take a close look at the grounds released. If they look damp at all, leave the grinder disassembled until all parts are completely dry. If there is any question as to whether or not they are, a blow dryer can be used to push air through the grinder and past the inner bur to assist in releasing any left over grounds as well as to dry any damp spots.
  • Reassemble the grinder and commence grinding as normal.

If there is a foreign object that is causing the blockage, it may also be that it makes a loud cracking racket inside the grinder. If that is heard, stop the grinder immediately and proceed with the above steps. When tipping the grinder over to empty out any beans, it can be tipped completely upside down and very gently shaken to loosen the object.

The Smart Grinder Pro™ will not start.

    There can be several reasons that the Smart Grinder Pro™ will not start even though the START/CANCEL button has been pressed:

  • Ensure that the cord for the Smart Grinder Pro™ is securely plugged into the wall outlet.
  • The Bean Hopper may not be locked into place. If this occurs, the ‘LOCK BEAN HOPPER’ message will appear on the LCD screen. Simply remove the bean hopper lid and the bean hopper, clean out the locking area on the top of the grinder, re-seat the hopper and lock securely into place. The lock will click into place. Replace the lid and press the START/CANCEL button to commence grinding.
  • The Smart Grinder Pro™ is equipped with a Thermal Safety Shut Off to prevent over-heating of the motor due to excessive grinding or overly-heavy loads. When this is engaged, the machine will shut off and pressing the START/CANCEL button will not turn it on until it’s been given a chance to cool. Unplug the grinder and leave off for about 20 minutes.

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