The Breville Smart Grinder™ — the coffee grinder that adjusts the dose when you change the grind.

Know Your Machine

A. Breville Assist™ Lid.B. Bean Hopper Lid.
C. 1lb. Bean Hopper - with locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer of beans.D. Upper Conical Burr (removable).
E. Lower Conical BurrF. Backlit LCD Screen - displays the grind setting, number of cups or shots, and customized grind amount.
G. 'ADJUST AMOUNT' Dial - Adjust the preset grind amount with less or more grinds.H. 'AMOUNT' Button - On the Espresso setting, choose the number of shots. On the French Press, Percolator, and Drip Filter settings, choose the number of cups.
I. Grind Outlet.J. Grinds Catcher - catch grind overspill for easy clean up. Removable for easy cleaning.
K. Cord Wrap.L. Grind Size Dial - 25 grind settings from the finest espresso to the coarsest French Press grind.
M. START/CANCEL Button.N. Portafilter Activation Switch - for hands free grinding.
O. Grinds Container Lid.P. Grinds Container Sealing Cap.
Q. Grinds Container.R. Conical Burr Cleaning Brush.
S. Portafilter Cradle - Small - 50 - 54mm diameter portafilter compatible.T. Portafilter Cradle - Large - 58mm diameter portafilter compatible.

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