If the grinder is turned on but won’t process any beans through, there can be a few easy ways to resolve this.

  • If the bean hopper is not attached correctly and locked fully into place, the grinder will not turn on, the GRIND TIME dial will not be illuminated and the grinder will be locked. Remove the hopper, realign and re-seat the hopper into the grinder, locking it in fully.
  • The GRIND TIME dial is is on 0 seconds. Rotate the dial to the appropriate time and restart.
  • The grinder has over heated. If this happens, plugging the grinder in will not allow the GRIND TIME dial to illuminate and the machine will not turn on. Unplug the grinder for at least 20 minutes to allow it to cool down.
  • The grinder could be blocked. Unlock and remove the bean hopper, inspect the burr area and, using the included cleaning brush, brush out the area thoroughly. Unlock and remove the upper burr and brush the inner burr area free of any beans or bean remnants. Lock the upper burr back into place, lock the bean hopper back into place and resume grinding.