Bean Freshness

  • The necessity of fresh beans can not be overstated. The fresher the beans, the more on target the intended flavor, boldness and body will be once brewed.
  • The better beans will have a ‘roasted on:’ date on them. This will tell you the exact date that the beans were removed from the roaster.
  • Generally the best beans to use are those that were roasted between 5 and 20 days prior to usage.
  • Only use freshly ground beans. Just like with whole beans, the better bean to use are those most freshly ground, even within seconds of using them.
  • Buy coffee in smaller batches to prevent long storing periods at home. The longer beans are stored after the roasted date, the more the natural oils will come to the surface of the bean and evaporate. These oils are what give it the flavors and body that make the coffee or espresso truly great.
  • Once coffee is ground, the oils will evaporate even quicker then they do on the whole beans. It’s most important to grind only what you will need for the current brewing session and leave the rest of the beans whole.
  • The best way to store beans is in an airtight container in a cool dark place. Excessive light, heat, or air flow will encourage the oil dissipation and leave the beans dryer and less flavorful when grinding.

Quick Tips

  • Before starting your actual ‘use’ grind, run the grinder for 1 or 2 seconds to allow any previously created grinds to come out, leaving the freshest for your brew.
  • There really isn’t a right or wrong set up for grinding coffee. There are guidelines and information but no really definitive absolutes as taste is entirely based on preference.
  • Coffee flavor and strength is a very personal choice. We encourage you to play with the settings and find that strength, roast, and amount that is just right for you.