The Breville® BCG600SIL Dose Control™ Pro grinder – How do you make the same perfect coffee every time? By repeating the same perfect dose every time. And how do you repeat the dose every time? The BCG600SIL Dose control™ Pro grinder has 60 grind settings from Espresso to Plunger for the perfect amount of fineness or coarseness. The Adjustable Razor™ trimming tool trims the puck to the right level every time. When you find your coffee perfection, we’ll help you get it every single grind.

BCG660SIL Know Your Machine

A. Bean Hopper Lid.B. Bean Hopper.
C. Stainless Steel Conical Burrs.D. Grind Size Collar.
G. Grind Outlet.H. 50mm Blade.
I. Grind Tray.J. Adjustable Razor™ Dose Trimming Tool.
K. 50 - 54mm Portafilter Cradle.L. 58mm Portafilter Cradle.

BCG600SIL Know Your Machine 2
Not Shown.

Grinding Chamber.

Automatic Thermal Safety Shut Off.

Power Saving/Sleep Mode.

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