Assembling your bread maker is quick and easy.

  • Always remove the bread pan from the interior of the bread maker before inserting the paddle or adding any ingredients. This makes sure that no ingredients are spilled in the interior of the baking chamber. If spilled, these could end up burning on the element inside.
  • If you are using the collapsible paddle, make sure that it moves smoothly on it’s hinge. Left over dough can clog the hinge, causing the paddle to be unable to collapse when needed during the bread making phases. Ensure that the D shaped opening of either paddle, and the hinge area of the collapsible paddle, are completely clear of any residual dough.
  • When assembling your ingredients, it’s very important that they be added to the bread pan in the order that they are listed in the recipe. They should go in liquids first, then fats, then dry ingredients and finally the yeast.