The Custom Loaf™ BBM800XL — with automatic fruit and nut dispenser. The bread maker that lets you program your own recipes and adds ingredients for you. It’s the greatest thing since, well … you know.

Know your bread panKnow your bread pan 2Know Your Machine the real one

A. Non-stick Bread Pan with handleB. Drive Shaft (inside Bread Pan)
C. Wing-Nut (underside of Bread Pan)D. Removable Lid
E. Viewing WindowF. Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispenser - Steam vents in the dispenser lid and base
G. Stainless Steel Housing - Interior cavity (the baking chamber) contains the heating element and drive mechanismH. Ventilation Grills

I. WEIGHT I TEMP button - Press to convert the default imperial temperature and weight (°F and lbs.) to metric units (°C and kg)
J. BEEPER button - Press to mute the sound alerts. The LCD screen with display the crossed off speaker symbol when the sound alerts have been muted and no symbol when the sound alerts are on
K. LIGHT button - Press and hold this button to illuminate the interior baking chamber
L. Backlit LCD Screen
M. DELAY START button - Press to select when you'd like the loaf to be ready and the bread maker will automatically start at the appropriate time

Know your interface 2
N. MODIFY button - Press to modify the default temperatures and times for the 'preheat', 'knead', 'rise', 'punch-down', 'bake', and 'keep warm' phases.O. CANCEL button - Before the cycle is activated, press to return to the main menu
- After the cycle is activated, press and hold to cancel the cycle
- Press to activate the cycle
- Press and hold to pause the cycle. The LCD screen will display the flashing 'PAUSE' until the button is pressed again to resume the cycle
Q. SELECT push-dial (turn to scroll, push to select)
- Scroll through 14 settings, 3 crust colors and 4 loaf sized
- Use in conjuction with the MODIFY button to change the default temperatures and times for the 'preheat', 'knead', 'rise', 'punch-down', 'bake' and 'keep warm' phases

Know your collapsible paddleKnow your fixed paddle
R. Collapsible Paddle - For use will all bread and dough settingsS. Fixed Paddle - For use with the jam setting

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