Blending in the Jug

FoodPreparation & UsageQuantityFunctionsTime
Bread CrumbsRemove crusts and cut into 1 -inch cubes.
Use: crumb coatings, stuffings, meatballs or meat patties
(up to 5 slices)
MIX speed20-30 secs
MayonnaiseMix the egg yolk, mustard and vinegar or lemon juice. Add oil slowly through the lid.
Use: dressing
Up to 4 egg yolks and 2 cups of oilMIX speed1 min 30 secs
Hard cheeses (like Parmesan or Pecorino)Cut into 1½ inch cubes.
Use: creamy sauces, pasta dishes
Max 250g.
CHOP speed15-25 secs
CreamWhip cream to firm peaks, add sugar or vanilla before blending.1-2½ cups
CHOP speed25-60 secs
Toasted NutsUse:Nut butters or spreads1½-3 cups
PUREE speed with tamper1 minute
Raw vegetablesPeel and cut into ¾-inch cubes finely chopped
Use: stuffing, filling, sauces, stews and casseroles
CHOP speed4-6 secs
Graham crackers/cookiesBreak cookies in half and blend to form crumbs.
Use: cheesecake crusts
PULSE l ICE CRUSH20-30 secs

Dry Milling – Please note that milling hard ingredients like spices, nuts, sugar, coffee, grains, etc. will cause scratching and clouding to the inside surfaces of the jug. This is cosmetic and results from milling these kinds of ingredients but does not affect the performance of the jug. Avoid over processing spices, however. Essential oils found in spices when combined with heat can damage the jug surface.

FoodPreparation & UsageQuantityFunctionsTime
Grains & seedsMill into flour
Use: bread, dough, cake, muffins, flour batters
1⅓-3½ cups
MILL speed30-60 secs
Dried beans, grains & corn
(wheat, garbanzo beans, etc.)
Mill into flour
Use:bread, cake, muffins, pancakes.
1¼-3 cups
MILL speed30-60 secs
SpicesTo make ground spices.
Use: whole spices, ground for cooking use except for cinnamon sticks which need to be broken in half.
Minimum ¼cup

8/16 cinnamon sticks
MILL speed20-30 secs
Raw nutsTo make nut mean
Use: cakes, cookies, muffins
½-2½ cups
MILL speed8-15 secs
Granulated sugarMill to make pure icing sugar or powdered sugar1-2 cups
MILL speed15-30 secs