Tips for the use of the Super Q™.

  • Use only the blender jug and lid that are supplied with this blender.
  • If the load in the blender is heavy, do not operate continuously for more then 10 seconds and allow the motor to rest for 1 minute between uses with heavy loads.
  • Do not remove the jug from the motor base while blender is in use.
  • Do not blend boiling hot liquids. Always allow the temperature to drop before placing hot liquids into the blender.
  • When blending hot liquids, do not exceed the maximum for hot liquids of 1.2 liters; about 5 cups.
  • Be careful removing the lid after blending hot liquids as steam traps can form in the liquid and be ejected out of the jug.
  • When using the spatula or frozen food wand, only remove the inner lid. Always leave the outer lid in place.
  • If the blender is running and a different pre-set function if pressed, the blender will switch immediately to that program without stopping.
  • The blender is equipped with Overload Protection. In the case of an overly large and heavy load, or a over current situation, the overload protection will initiate, shutting the blender down. The blender will not be operable and the words ‘OVERLOAD PROTECTION’ will flash on the LCD screen above where the timer is normally seen. To reset, turn off the blender and unplug it, allowing it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes before resuming blending.
  • The initial setting for the speed control is essentially “READY” and will have no movement of the blades. When a speed is required, the dial will need to be turned up to that speed. As soon as the dial begins moving the blades will immediately begin moving.
  • The speed control blending is programmed to allow the selected speed to operate for 6 minutes maximum (with the 60oz. jug) or 30 second (Personal Blending jug) at any one time before automatically stopping.
  • When the blending time has passed, turn the speed dial down until it is back to the READY status.

Special Note on Dry Milling – When milling hard ingredients like spices, nuts, sugar, coffee, grains, etc. the jug very well can get scratched and have clouding occur to the inside surfaces of the jug. This is cosmetic and is a result from dry milling of these hard ingredients but in no way affects the performance of the jug.