The BBL920BSS, the Super Q™, is designed to be a commercial grade blender intended for use in the home kitchen. With noise reduction technology, 12 individual speed settings, pitcher/vessel recognition technology and compatibility with the Vac Q™ accessory, the Super Q™ delivers amazing mixtures with superior textures and improved versatility.

The Blender

BBL920BSS Know Your Machine

A. Inner measuring cupB. High performance lid
C. 68oz. BPA-Free jugD. Extra-wide, heavy duty blade and bowl system
E. Heavy duty metal couplingF. Heavy duty 1800 watt motor
G. LCD indicator with timerH. Durable base
I. 5 preset programsJ. Overload protection
K. Manual speed controlL. Scraper
M. TamperN. Travel lid
O. BPA-Free Personal blender cupP. Personal blender blade system

The controls of the Super Q™ are very different and it helps to have some understanding of them before the first use.

The Display

BBL920BSS Know Your Controls

Q. PAUSE CANCEL button -Pause or cancel any blending function or pre-programmed feature.R. PULSE l ICE CRUSH - Optimal for the continuous pulsing of a mixture or the crushing of up to 10 ice cubes at a time
S. SMOOTHIE - for dairy base smoothies with a pulsing action and combination of speeds made to create creamy textured smoothies.T. GREEN SMOOTHIE - For the blending or fruits and vegetables using high speeds to create a smooth textured drink.
U. High speed program designed specifically to break down frozen fruits/vegetables without additional heat to make smooth scoopable desserts.V. SOUP - For use in making smooth creamy hot or cold soups. Primarily a high speed program that ends with a slow stir to remove steam bubbles.
W. SPEED SELECTION Dial - used to select a continuous function based on a speed setting from STIR to MILL.X. TIMER button - used for timing the manual speeds to ensure that there is no over-processing of ingredients.
Y. LCD Display - This will show any time selection, speed selection, pre-programmed selection and even the OVERLOAD PROTECTION warningZ. CLEAN - the pre-set cleaning function that allows for simply quick cleaning after every use with just one touch.

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