Overload Protection is Engaged

OVERLOAD PROTECTION – The Q™ blender is equipped with Overload Protection to assist in preventing damage to the motor in case the contents of the blending jug are just a bit more than is advisable.. Below are the steps to identify and reset this protection.

  1. When activated, the LCD screen will flash the message OVERLOAD PROTECTION and the blender will be inoperable.
  2. Turn the blender off by pressing the ON l OFF button on the control panel and unplug the blender.
  3. On the underside of the base is a red RESET button. Press this button to reset the blender.
  4. Wait a few minutes the re-plug the power cord into the outlet and turn the power ON for the blender.
  5. If OVERLOAD PROTECTION is still flashing on the LCD, power it off again and unplug it, letting it rest for at least 20-30 minutes this time.
  6. Once OVERLOAD PROTECTION has disappeared from the LCD screen, the blender will be ready to use again, however there was a reason it engaged.
  7. We recommend removing some of the blending mixture or cutting the ingredients into smaller pieces as either of these could be a reason for the protection to turn on.
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