• Use Low speeds (1, 2, or 3 / ‘SNOW’, ‘MIX’, or ‘BLEND’) for makings drinks, cocktails, emulsions such as mayonnaise, dressings, and marinades, and foods that require mixing until just combined, such as batters.
  • Use High speeds (4 and 5 / ‘LIQUIFY’ and ‘PUREE’) for puréeing soups and aerating liquids.
  • Use ‘PULSE’ for foods that only require short bursts of power — chopping nuts, for example.
  • Use ‘ICE CRUSH’ for crushing ice. The maximum amount of ice cubes the blender can blend at any one time is 1 standard ice tray or 9 oz.
  • Use ‘SMOOTHIE’ for making drinks using both liquid and solid ingredients.
  • Make sure all foods are cut into cubes (approx. 1 inch squares) where appropriate to achieve an even result.
  • Fill the Breville ikon Blender ¼ to ½ full to purée thick mixtures more efficiently.
  • Place liquid ingredients in the blender pitcher before solid ingredients, unless otherwise specified in the recipe.
  • Stop the Breville ikon Blender and scrape down the sides of the Blending Jug with a plastic or rubber spatula once or twice during blending when blending thick or dry mixtures,. Do not use metal utensils as they may damage the blades or Blending Jug.
  • Use large, solid ice that has come straight from the freezer to create even, powdery snow for flavored ice drinks. Simply blend on ‘SNOW’.

Speed 1 / SNOW

Snowed ice is great for shrimp cocktails or slushie frozen treats.

The 'Speed 1 / SNOW' setting is unique to the Breville ikon Blender and will allow you to make even, powdery snow.

The ice cube matters: when making Snow, be sure to use only large, solid, un-melting ice that has come straight from the freezer, 22°F (-5.6°C) or below. If your ice cubes are small, slightly melted, or even hollow, this setting may result in an igloo and leave lumps of ice.


Coarse (crushed) ice is great for using as a base for fresh oysters.

When you want a coarse consistency, use the ‘ICE CRUSH’ setting, in which case any type of ice cubes may be used.

The ice cube doesn’t matter: when coarser ice is required, use any type of ice, then press ‘ICE CRUSH’. Anytime the ice cubes appear to be small, hollow, or even slightly melted, only use with the ‘ICE CRUSH’ setting.

Blending Speed Guide

FoodPreparation & UsageQuantityFunctionTime
Lean meat/poultryTrim excess fat and sinew, cut into 1 inch cubes.
Use: mince
9 oz. (250ml)Speed 2/Mix10-20 secs
Fish/seafoodRemove skin and bones and cut into 1 inch cubes.
Use: mince
10 oz. (280ml)Speed 2/Mix10-15 secs
Raw vegPeel and cut into 1/2-1 inch cubes.
Use: stuffing, filling, puree, soup
7 oz. (198ml)Speed 2/Mix10-30 secs
NutsRemove skin.
Use: cakes, toppings, pastes
7 oz. (198ml)Speed 2/Mix10-30 secs
Bread or biscuit crumbsCut bread into 1 inch pieces, break up biscuits.
Use: cheesecakes
3.5 oz. (100ml)Speed 2/Mix10-30 secs
MayonnaiseMix the egg yolk and vinegar. Add the oil.
Use: dressings
4 oz. (110ml)Speed 2/Mix60 secs
Whipped creamAdd sugar or vanilla if desired.
Use: topping
¾ cup (170ml)Speed 2/Mix60 secs
Herbs/spicesWhole or halve.
Use: pastes, sauces
1 cup (225ml)Speed 2/Mix20-30 secs
SmoothieMilk, whole fresh fruits, yogurt, ice cream.
Use: milkshakes, frappes
Max 3¼ cups (730ml)Smoothie or Speed 3/Blend20-30 secs
Fresh fruitWhole, chopped berries.
Use: dessert sauce
9 oz. (250ml)Speed 2/Mix30 secs
Dried FruitChopped dry fruit.
Use: fruit mince
10 oz. (280ml)Speed 2/Mix30 secs
Use: mixed drinks, cocktails, slurpies
Max 1 trayIce Crush or Speed 1/Snow10-20 secs