The Ice Cube Matters.

  • To create even, powdery snow for flavored ice drinks, be sure to only use large solid dry ice that has come straight from the freezer, then use the ‘Speed 1/Snow’ button. This ice will break up more evenly and smoothly making the snow perfect.
  • For coarser ice where the fine type of snow is not required, use the ‘Auto Pulse/Ice Crush’ function. This ice is great for a base for fresh oysters or chilling other dishes.

  • Settings 1 through 3 (‘Snow’, ‘Mix’, and ‘Blend’) are designed for drinks, cocktails, or even emulsions such as mayonnaise and dressings, or foods that require mixing until just combined.
  • Settings 4 and 5 (‘Liquify’ and ‘Smoothie’) are designed for aerating liquids, or pureeing food for dishes such as smoothies or soups.
    General Tips

  • Thick mixtures puree more efficiently if the blender is 1/4 to 1/2 full.
  • When using several ingredients, place liquid ingredients in the blender jug before solid ingredients.
  • Do not put more then 2 cups of warm ingredients into the blender before blending. After the blending process has begun and the blades are turning, slowly add up to another 1&1/2 cups of ingredients by removing the inner lid and dropping the items in through the opening.
  • The blender will NOT knead dough or mash potatoes.