The BBL405BAL Hemisphere® Twist – - How do you pull down what’s on top while whipping up what’s below? The Hemisphere® blade system can do this with central blades to crush and chop and bowl hugging blades to whip and aerate. The Hemisphere® Twist also has a unique citrus cone that attaches to the lid, allowing you to twist your citrus right into the blending food.

BBL405BAL Know Your Machine

A. Inner Lid/Measuring Cup.B. Citrus Cone.
C. Breville Assist™ Outer Lid.D. 50oz. BPA-Free Jug.
E. MiniHemisphere™ Blade and Bowl system.F. Overload Protection.
G. PULSE Button.H. SMOOTHIE Button.
I. AUTO-CLEAN Button.J. 4 Pre-Set speeds including MIX (1) CHOP (2) BLEND (3) LIQUIFY (4).

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