Recommended Meat Cuts

For best grilling results, use meat cuts which are thick enough to touch the top and base plate when the grill is closed.

BeefSirloin (New York), Rump, Rib Eye (Scotch Fillet) and Fillet.
LambTrim Lamb Leg Steaks, Fillet, Eye of Loin, Cutlets and Diced Lamb.
PorkButterfly Loin Steaks, Spare Ribs, Leg Steaks, Fillets and Diced Pork.

  • Tougher cuts, such as beef blade, topside steak, lamb forequarter or neck chocks can be used. To tenderize these cuts marinate them for a few hours or overnight in a marinade with wine or vinegar to help break down the connective tissue.
  • It is not recommended to cook items with thick bones like T-bone steaks.
  • Do not salt meat before cooking. Salt will draw out the juices, toughening the meat.
  • If using a marinade recipe or pre-marinated meats from the store, drain excess marinade off and dab with a paper towel before placing on the grill. Some marinades contain high sugar levels which can scorch the grill plate when cooked.
  • Do not pierce meat with a fork or cut meat while cooking. This will allow the juices to escape resulting in a tougher, drier steak.