Use of the Duo-Temp™

  • Always check the water level in the tank before use and replace the water daily. Use cold, filtered water. Do not use mineral or distilled water or any other liquid.
  • The heating light will flash or illuminate completely while the machine is heating or maintaining the correct temperature. During this time, you may notice water and steam is automatically released into the drip tray. This is normal. Always ensure that the heating light is not flashing or illuminated before extracting espresso.
  • If using the Froth Enhancer, do not allow milk to run over the top of the Enhancer otherwise it will not function properly.
  • Due to high water pressure in the Group Head, the used coffee puck will be wet after extraction. For a drier coffee puck, we recommend leaving the Portafilter in the Group Head while texturing the milk. Once complete, remove the Portafilter then tap out the used coffee puck.
  • When you use the hot water, you will notice that the machine will need to heat up. It is not designed to supply large quantities of hot water. The more hot water dispensed, the cooler it becomes.