There are several reasons why the Citrus Press may not be working:

  • The power switch is not on. Though the switch can easily be moved to the ‘On’ position, if not fully pressed into that position, it may move back to ‘Off’. There are no indicator lights to show that the unit is now powered up so if the unit is plugged in and the press arm is lowered, verify that the button is fully in the ‘On’ position.
  • The Juice Press Arm is not lowered. The Juicing Cone will not begin rotating until the arm is pressed firmly down. If the arm is not completely down, as a safety precaution, the cone will not operate.
  • Though the Fruit Dome is designed to only be inserted one way, if either it, the stainless steel filter, or the juicing cone are not assembled correctly, the Citrus press will not engage. If the switch is fully on and the arm is lowered but the Citrus Press will not engage, ensure that the filter is in the correct placement with the indent containing the arrow on the bottom of the filter aligned with the corresponding tab with arrow on the juice collector. Make sure that the juicing cone is firmly pressed onto the drive shaft and locked into place. Also ensure that the Fruit Dome is assembled correctly and fully inserted into the juicing arm.
  • If the Citrus Press is assembled correctly, the power switch on, and the juicing arm lowered but the press will still not engage, ensure that the plug is fully inserted into the wall outlet. If it is, try the press in another outlet that is on a different circuit.