Setting up your Citrus Press is quick and easy.

  • Pull the Juice Press Arm up and backwards, away from the Motor Base, until fully extended.
  • Place the Juice Collector onto the Drive Shaft on top of the Motor Base, ensuring the Juice Spout fits into the semi-circular groove at the front of the Motor Base.
  • Insert the Stainless Steel Filter into the Juice Collector, aligning the indent/arrow on the bottom of the Filter over the corresponding tab with the arrow on the Juice Collector.
  • Place the Juicing Cone onto the Drive Shaft and press down lightly to lock into place.
  • Insert the Fruit Dome onto the underside of the Juice Press Arm by aligning the tab on top of the dome with the hole in the arm. Hold the Juice Press Arm and press the Fruit Dome up and backwards until the dome locks into position.
  • Ensure the Anti-drip spout is pushed down into the pouring position and place a suitable sized glass or jug underneath the Juice Spout.